Playful Minds: Math (Grade K)

Playful Minds: Math (Grade K)

Discover Playful Minds: Math (Grade K), the first application on the App Store based on the official US academic program. Designed with teachers, this application unique to the platform perfectly combines in-depth learning and fun. Playful Minds: Math (Grade K) is a fun and appealing educational application that provides your child with gradual and in-depth learning of Kindergarten math. Your child will enjoy learning and progressing progressing through the math program.

  • More than 300 exercises covering 5 different categories.
  • Directions and explanations are both displayed on-screen and voiced to guarantee comprehension.
  • Follow your child’s progress thanks to complete score charts in all categories.
  • Your child will create his or her own avatar that will journey to an island full of animal professors.
  • Fun and enjoyable rewards will motivate your child to continue along the journey.
  • Select up to 5 of your child’s friends to play with online and improve social skills.

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